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Author Guidelines:

1. Polish Journal of Social Rehabilitation only accepts articles for publication that are scientific in character, including theoretical studies, research works, analyses, reviews, conference and scientific seminar reports, as well as news of past and future events of a scientific nature (e.g. academic promotions and postings).

2. The Journal’s editorial office accepts texts in Polish or in any other congress language. For internet purposes (English-speaking), Polish articles accepted for publication are translated into English. The cost of translation is borne by the Journal.

3. With theoretical papers, research papers and analyses, authors must enclose a summary in English and in Polish, each approximately half a page long. The title and summary should also be in English and Polish. The summary of a theoretical paper should contain the main ideas and the conclusions. The summary of a research paper should contain main ideas, methodology and the key findings. Articles should be accompanied by 3-5 key words in both Polish and English and the title of the work in both Polish and English.

4. Articles submitted to the Editor are first formally evaluated (in-house verification) and then reviewed by two independent reviewers (i.e. through a double blind review process).

5. The author encloses a signed and completed copy of the Author’s Questionnaire and Declaration form, which contains basic information (title, affiliations, correspondence address) and a statement confirming the originality of the submitted article while transferring property rights to the Publisher. If an article is accepted for publication its author is obliged to deliver a signed paper version of this form, or a scan thereof via email, to the editorial office.

6. Author sends an article via mail at:

Author’s Questionnaire and Declaration Form

Regulations on Amount of and Principles for Payment of Fees for the Publication of Scientific Article in Polish Journal of Social Rehabilitation 

Online Submissions: 

1. The article should be written using the following template:

  • File type – Microsoft Word
  • Font – Times New Roman, 12 point
  • Line spacing – 1,5v Margins – 2,5
  • Length including bibliography – up to 18 standard A4 printed pages

2. The accepted form of referencing is:

  • – footnotes are to be numbered and only used for author’s notes.
  • – bibliographical references to be placed within the main text and to include author’s surname, date of publishing and page number/s, e. g. (Konopczyński 2010, p. 1).
  • – when citing two books published by the same author in the same year, the following form should be used: (Konopczyński 2010a; Konopczyński 2010b).
  • – when the work of two authors is cited both surnames should be provided; w hen more than two authors exist the formulation ‘et al.’ should be used after the first author’s name, e. g. (Konopczyński et al. 2007).
  • - if the author cites an Internet source, the following forms apply: (Instrukcja… [2014]), (Konopczyński [2014]), or when there is no author or title, and there is only the website address, a footnote should be placed traditionally at the bottom of the page.

3. Works quoted in the article should be listed at the end of the article in alphabetical order by author surname under Bibliography. Each position in the Bibliography should be numbered in square brackets, e.g.:

  • [1] Konopczyński M., Metody twórczej resocjalizacji, PWN, Warszawa 2007. 
  • [2] Jones E. E., Interpersonal perception, Freeman, New York 1990. 
  • [3] Pospiszyl I., Syndrom Atlasa, czyli pułapki dynamicznych strategii adaptacyjnych, [w:] Profilaktyka i probacja w środowisku lokalnym, (red.) B. Urban, M. Konopczyński, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Kraków 2012.
  • [4] Ambrozik W., Totalny, stygmatyzujący i wykluczający charakter oddziaływań resocjalizacyjnych, “Resocjalizacja Polska” 2013, nr 5.

4. The works by the same author in different years should be given chronologically, from the oldest to the latest work, and those published in the same year should be marked respectively a, b, c (etc.), in accordance with point 2.

5. Web page links that are cited in the bibliography should be active, with the date of the access and extracted in a separate list entitled Internet sources, while maintaining the continuation of numbering.

  • Example:
  • [5] Instrukcja dla autorów, “Resocjalizacja Polska” [dostęp: 28 lutego 2014], 
  • [6] Konopczyński M., Creative Social Rehabilitation. Outline of the concept for developing potential, “Polish Journal of Social Rehabilitation” 2014, nr 7 [dostęp: 10 lutego 2014], 20165-178.pdf

6. Given the international nature of the journal, the author is obliged to cite foreign literature, as appropriate to the presented subject matter.

7. Pictures and other graphic materials that are part of the article should be sent as separate files. The review process is described in the section "For reviewers"

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